Find International Remote Jobs – Best 7 Job Boards

Looking for International Remote Jobs? Look no further. We’ve done an extensive search of the best remote job sites and compiled them here for you. Whether you’re a software developer or virtual assistant, here’s a list of remote job boards to help you find work today.
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
If you’re in the market for a remote job, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many websites that offer international jobs, but not all of them are created equally.

That’s why we did an extensive search and found the best sites out there today. These sites will help get your career off on the right foot!

Gone are the days of living out of your suitcase and not knowing what country you'll be in next.
With remote working on the rise, it's easier than ever to find an international remote job that fits your lifestyle and career goals.

So no matter what timezone or continent you're in, there will be opportunities waiting for you!

What are international Remote jobs?

Remote jobs around the world allow you to work from home, a coffee shop, or any other location outside of your company's office.

Traditional employers such as big corporations and public administration are beginning to embrace this new way of working too by hiring employees that can do their jobs remotely.

It is also possible for people with self-employment businesses (i.e. freelancers) to find remote jobs in another country, but you'll need a way of managing your clients and tasks outside of the office.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to know How To Negotiate Salary For A Remote position.

Why is the remote job market growing so fast?

With the average cost of living in cities such as New York and London being so high, it makes more sense for companies to hire a person from another country who can work remotely instead.

The reason behind the fast-growing remote job market is because there are tons of startups and big companies that are reducing their office space and hiring employees to work remotely.

But there are also tons of people who live in one of the Best Cities for Remote Workers and enjoy their lifestyle.

It's also far easier for people living in countries with fewer economic opportunities to find jobs through international remote job sites than by traveling abroad.

Employers are also choosing to hire people outside of their own country because they're able to find the best talent, which helps them compete with other companies in their space.

After we all have been hit by the COVID pandemic, remote jobs have been on the rise even more

A study from Global Workplace Analytics found that over 53 million Americans now work remotely in some capacity as of 2017.

As more companies report benefits such as lower turnover rates and increased productivity with employees who work remotely, this number is only going to grow – especially since millennials are even more likely to embrace remote work.

Happy Man working from his own home office

Reasons why you would want to work remotely

Believe me, there are tons of benefits when it comes to working remotely.

  1. If you're a person who is easily distracted by physical objects and people, then working from home would be the best option for you since there are no office interruptions or co-workers to distract you from your tasks.
  2. Another benefit of remote work is that it opens up opportunities to travel around the world without having to use your vacation days to do so.
  3. Working remotely is also beneficial for people who want more flexibility in their careers since they can take time off without having to use sick or personal leave.
  4. If you're not interested in traveling, then working from home allows you to avoid stressful commutes and expensive rent prices every month too!
  5. You'll also have more time for family and friends since you don't have to work overtime or on the weekends.
  6. Lastly, working at home can be a lot more productive than working in an office since there are fewer distractions.

Finding a remote job can be difficult if you don't know where to look

If you never worked remotely before, then you're most likely going to have a hard time finding your first international remote job.

You can start by using traditional job boards such as Indeed or Monster for searching for remote work opportunities.

However, even though these are great places to search for jobs that aren't necessarily meant to be worked at home, they don't have as many opportunities available.

If you're into software and developing, we recommend using remote job boards such as Sqotty.com.

FlexJobs is another one specifically designed to help people find global remote jobs they can work at home or anywhere else outside of the office.

7 sites that have high-quality listings for international remote jobs

There are literally thousands of remote job boards out there, but not all of them have listings for worldwide remote jobs.

On top of that, some sites only allow US citizens to apply regardless of the company is based in another country or has an office abroad.

Here's a list of seven high-quality remote job boards you can use today:

#1 Sqotty.com

We have to mention Sqotty.com as one of the job boards dedicated only to software remote jobs that actively hires for international offshore opportunities regularly.

This is great news if you're looking to break into the tech industry but don't know where or how exactly since it gives everyone an equal playing field.

Software developers and IT professionals from all over the world can apply for jobs here without worrying about their citizenship status or location since SQOTTY goes by skill level instead, so everyone has a fair chance at applying!

Remote developer working from his office

#2 Remote.co

This is one of the best remote job boards because it's specifically designed for companies that are offering remote jobs overseas.

The only downside with this site is that there isn't a huge amount of listings posted on it since they prefer to promote their jobs instead of third-party ones.

#3 We Work Remotely

This is a great job board for developers, designers, and other tech professionals.

With millions of registered users on the site now that can access millions of jobs from employers around the world looking to hire international remote workers.

In addition to this, WeWorkRemotely also has an active community where you can look for a job or offer your skills as a remote worker.

While this site is mainly for software developers, it's still worth checking out since you never know what other opportunities might be available to international candidates here.

#4 FlexJobs

If you're looking to work remotely in general then Flexjobs should be your go-to site since it has more listings available compared to Remote.

The only downside with this one is that the majority of listings are US-based which means you can't apply unless you have a US passport or a green card.

The user interface on this site is also pretty easy to navigate which makes it even better for people who are new to remote work opportunities as well.

#5  Growthverse

This is one nice remote job board for finding international positions since it's a platform that specializes in helping companies find talent all over the world.

There are dozens upon dozens of listings on GrowthVerse from companies all over the world looking for international remote workers.

In addition to this, GrowthVerse also has a feature that allows employers and employees alike to submit their resumes on the site as well.

This is great since it gives you more opportunities to find work-from-home positions even if there isn't anything available at the moment here.

#6 Remote OK

This is another site you can use to search for international remote work opportunities, but it has a more simplistic user interface compared to the previous two.

The good news about this one though is that there are no restrictions on who they accept like some of the others we've mentioned here so far.

RemoteOK wants everyone to have a fair chance at finding international remote work opportunities so they've left the gates wide open without limiting applicants by country or citizenship status.

One thing to note about this site is that it allows you to filter your search for jobs anywhere worldwide, which makes things easier when looking for openings in specific countries around the world.

#7 Indeed

There's a good chance that you've already heard of Indeed because it is one of the biggest job sites worldwide.

This means that if you're looking for international remote work opportunities, there is a very high chance you'll find something available here without having to look elsewhere since this site has so many listings from employers all over the world.

The only downside with this one is that it's so vast and so huge of a site, finding specific opportunities can be pretty difficult since you'll have to filter results by location.

That being said though, there are so many remote jobs available on Indeed right now which makes it worth checking out regardless!

What to do if you found a remote job listing

Okay, cool.

Now that you know where to find remote international jobs, it's time to learn what you should do after finding a position that is available for international workers and about the Remote Interview Process.

  1. First of all, make sure to apply as soon as possible since many applicants would love the opportunity to work from home if they can get hired by an employer overseas.
  2. In addition to this, it's also in your best interest to sell yourself in the application.
  3. This means that you should be honest with them about why you're interested in working for their company and what makes you a good candidate, especially if other candidates are competing against you.
  4. One thing to note here is that employers want people who are not only passionate about the work they do but passionate about their company as well.
  5. So, why would they want to choose you over someone else? What makes you special in comparison with other applicants who are probably just as talented and capable of doing the work?
  6. Make sure to answer promptly if the company answers your application as well.
  7. Finally, keep things professional at all times and try to be polite in your communication with them even if you have some concerns or questions about the job itself.


We hope that we've provided you with a comprehensive list of remote job boards to find international work opportunities online.

If your search has been fruitless so far, it's worth checking out these sites and seeing what they have available for their employers. It may be the case that there are openings in specific countries or cities where you'll want to apply based on your location preferences.

International jobs are available to anyone with the necessary skillset. If you're looking for remote work opportunities, check out our list of 7 international job boards that should help you start your search today!

You'll be able to land the perfect position in no time. Best of luck! 🙂

Now, what do you think? Was this helpful at all?

Leave a comment below if there's anything else you'd like us to add or change.

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