How To Write A Remote Job Description (+Examples)

You've got a remote job opening, but how can you attract top talent? With millions of listings to choose from on indeed.com it's a real battle out there! Learn the best way to craft your Remote job descriptions so that they're magnets for people looking forward hiremenls like yours.
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
In this article, you will find a list of remote jobs descriptions. Each one is unique and compelling in its own way. By looking at these examples, you can learn how to write your own job description that will attract the most qualified candidates for your company's needs!

The key to writing a successful remote job description is balance.
Too many details and your candidates will be overwhelmed with how much work needs to get done.

But not enough information leaves them wondering what they should do next or even worse.

No one applies at all!

Balance this out by including some helpful tips from our experts who have been there before as well as sample descriptions that show off why you're the perfect candidate for these positions.

If you haven't already, check out the post: Hire Remote Workers: 7 Mistakes I Initially Made When Hiring.

But before we go over the examples, let's see what the must-haves are for your job descriptions.

What Is a Job Description and what should you include?

A job description is a summary of the role, responsibilities, and requirements that candidates should be aware of before applying.

A well-written job description will help you attract more potential employees because it paints your company as one worth working for where they can excel.

By using language such as "We're looking for" or "Responsibilities include" gives the role a sense of empowerment. That's the first step to become a Remote Recruiting Superstar.

Also, if you plan to hire remote employees in other countries, there are pitfalls to avoid.

remote worker searching for job

Include these key elements to help you create your job description:

  • Job Title
  • About the company
  • Job Summary
  • Responsibilities and Duties
  • Qualifications and Skills
  • Salary and Benefits

Let's break this down a bit more.

Job Title

The first thing a job seeker will look for is the title of the position they are applying to.

Make sure your Remote job descriptions start with a clear and concise job title that sets employees up for success in their roles like

  • Customer Support Representative
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • JavaScript Developer

You can also include your company name if you're a bigger brand to help your job listings stand out.

Don't use abbreviations like Jr. or OEM, because if the candidate is searching for your job title online it will be difficult to find (talk about SEO!).

About the company

If you want to attract top talent, your job description must paint a clear picture of what the company is all about.

For example, if you're looking for an individual who's passionate about social good companies like TOMS or Warby Parker are great options.

On the other hand, if you're hiring for an innovative tech company you can look at opportunities with companies like SpaceX or Eventbrite.

Also explain what's your mission, vision, and culture. By doing so, you're showing candidates how their values align with your company's.

Also include some history about your company.

Here's an example:

"We're in the furniture business since 1988 and our mission is to make the world more beautiful, one home at a time. We value teamwork, integrity, and people who are passionate about what they do."

We are hiring sign

Job Summary

The purpose of the remote job summary is to give employees a general idea about what they are applying for and what it will be like working with you.

This section should tell them if this role is the right fit for them or not so keep that in mind when writing it.

For example, you can include if the role is full-time or part-time and how many hours per week they will need to work.

Think about other points they need to know:

  • Do you also want to outline what's the daily schedule of this position like are there early morning meetings?
  • Or late-night conference calls?
  • How often do employees interact with each other via video chat?
  • Is there a need for a timezone overlap?
  • Lastly, let candidates know exactly how long the application process will take.

Responsibilities and Duties

The next section is the core of your job description where you get into more detail about what will be expected from them.

It's important to include a list of tasks that are necessary for employees to do in their day-to-day, including any analytics they need to track or specific metrics they need to meet.

Don't leave anything untouched in this section! It's important to outline all responsibilities and duties so there are no surprises or confusion later on.

Qualifications and Skills

The next section is where you list the qualifications and skills that will be required for employees to have to excel at their job.

You can also include if there's a certain degree or certification they need, like an MBA or CPA.

This is also your chance to outline what soft skills are necessary such as communication skills (including language), time management skills, and computer literacy.

Salary and Benefits

The last section of your remote job description is where you list the salary or hourly wage along with any benefits you offer to employees like health insurance, paid vacation days, etc.

Oftentimes, companies leave out salary because they assume the job outline will be enough to entice employees.

This is not a good idea!

Jobs including a salary range see a significant hire apply-rate than jobs without.

Make sure to include all relevant information like if there's overtime, stock options, or bonuses available.

If there are some nice benefits like a gym membership or free lunch you can mention those as well.

Examples of Great Remote Job Descriptions

Now that we know the key elements are, let's take a look at some examples.

The first thing I recommend is to have your current employees review your job descriptions before going live with them! You don't want to have any outdated information.

#1 Example: Remote Software Developer

About us:

We're a small team of developers who have been working together for years and we've recently been growing our business by leaps and bounds. We need to add another developer to our team - but this time, it's going to be someone remote! If you think that your skillset is a good match then please send us a copy of your resume and any examples of previous work.


We're looking for applicants who are:

  • Quick learners, highly adaptable to new technologies
  • we don't need you to be an expert right out the gate but it would help if you were excited about learning!
  • You should also have excellent communication skills, be reliable, and have at least some experience in the field.
  • If this sounds like you then please send us an email detailing your interest along with a copy of your resume!

Benefits: We offer competitive rates for our remote employees! You'll also receive access to all sorts of company benefits including health insurance (coverage depends on location), paid sick days, and an annual bonus!

Job Type: Full-time Remote

Salary: $50,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year

How to apply: Send us your resume today!

#2 Example: Remote Assistant

About us:

The United States Navy is the largest military branch in the world and we serve to protect our nation's interests across every ocean. We have more than 330,000 employees worldwide who work tirelessly at sea or on land through their offices and desks - yes, even some of us are working remotely! Our vision is to maintain the strongest Navy in the world, and we seek to recruit employees who are ready for this challenge.

About the position:

The United States Navy is looking for a few good remote assistants. Whether you're an administrative genius or just want to be helpful, this job might suit you perfectly!

A lot of what we do as military staff members revolves around managing and distributing information within our office space - answering phones (taking memos), maintaining files (sending out correspondence) greeting government officials, etc.

We need people who can multi-task at lightning speed with lots of patience because sometimes these things take longer than usual when it's not always obvious why certain tasks require more time than others do; someone has got skills handling their paperwork but doesn't mind if another person does them instead.


We're looking for applicants who are:

  • Detail-oriented with great memory retention
  • You're responsible for keeping track of files to make sure they go out in the mail by their deadlines
  • You should also have strong phone etiquette and be able to handle any type of communication (in person, over the phone, or via email).

If you think this sounds like a good fit for your personality - let's get in touch! Please include examples of work experience when applying.


We offer a wide range of benefits depending on your position within our organization! If you're hired as an admin assistant then you may be eligible for health insurance (coverage dependent on location), paid sick days, paid holidays, paid vacation days (varies depending on the time of service), and even a 401K retirement plan!

Job Type: Full-time Remote

Salary: $55,000.00 to $75,000.00 /year

How to apply: Contact us by responding to this ad!

#3 Example: Remote Event Planner

About us:

We're a small team of dedicated, professional event planners who love what we do. We've been working together for years and have helped hundreds of clients plan their weddings or other special events from start to finish - even if they live across the country from us!

About the position:

We're looking for someone to join our team as a part-time remote planner. We need help with event planning, client relations, and social media management so you'll have lots of tasks at hand! If this sounds like something that would interest you then please send us an email detailing your experience - we can't wait to hear from you!


We're looking for applicants who are: Creative and resourceful, able to think on their feet; we don't have time for people who need everything spelled out. We do our best work when everyone is in sync so being punctual with deadlines will be crucial. You should also expect to be in constant communication with the team and we're all strongly committed to being available when needed.

If you believe that your personality is a good fit for this position then please include an updated copy of your resume and cover letter in your email!

Job Type: Part-time Remote

Salary: $20,000.00 /year

How to apply: Email us, please!

#4 Example: Remote Marketing Manager

About us:

We're a fast-growing, international company that's looking to expand our team with talented new members. We have three main office locations but are actively seeking remote workers who can handle marketing tasks! Our Marketing Department is responsible for brand promotion through social media channels - managing promotions and contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We're looking for someone who can take the lead with these tasks and help our company reach new audiences!

About the position:

As a remote Marketing Manager, you'll be responsible for managing social media campaigns, creating unique content to promote our brand, and communicating with other team members about client needs. You may also occasionally work on photo editing and promotional video production.


We're looking for applicants who are:

  • Passionate about social media, technology, and design
  • able to think creatively with strong attention to detail
  • Resourceful problem solvers that can juggle multiple projects at once
  • Comfortable working on their own without direct supervision
  • Able to communicate clearly with team members

If you think this position sounds like a good fit for your skills and interests then please send us an email with examples of work experience, including any social media profiles where we can see your past work. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job Type: Full-time Remote

Salary: $45,000.00 to $55,000.00 /year

How to apply: Email us a copy of your resume and cover letter!

#5 Example: Remote Content Creator

About us:

We're a small, international team of talented marketers and content creators who are passionate about what we do. We specialize in promoting products through Google Adwords campaigns but our clients rely on our creative minds to help them with their online presence. Writing website copy, designing logos & branding strategies, etc. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with an eye for detail, a love of writing/creating content, and the ability to work independently.

About the position:

We're seeking full-time remote Content Creators who are professional in their approach to creating website copy that's engaging, persuasive, and informative. You'll be responsible for conducting research on our clients' industries as well as writing informative blog posts and website copy that'll help clients with their online presence.


We're looking for applicants who are:

  • Creative writers willing to research topics to produce quality content
  • we don't have time for people who can't take an idea and run with it
  • Resourceful problem solvers that can juggle multiple projects at once
  • Comfortable working on their own without direct supervision
  • Able to communicate clearly with team members

If you think this position sounds like a good fit for your skills and interests then please send us an email with examples of work experience, including any past writing samples. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job Type: Part-time Remote

Salary: $20,000.00 /year

How to apply: Email us today!

See how easy that is? Now you know what this job post should look like and you can use it as a guide for your own job descriptions.


If you need remote job descriptions, we've got a few examples to help get your creative juices flowing. Whether you're looking for part-time or full-time workers, these jobs should be good models for what you want to include when crafting a job description.

You can see that the format is fairly standard and doesn't take much time at all to create one! If this post was helpful and if it answered any questions, share with us below!

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