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If you're looking for a remote job, then you'll want to check out this huge list of best remote jobs boards. It's hard to know where to start your search – but we've done all the legwork for you. These resources will help you find your perfect position.
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
The remote job market is growing and it's easy to see why. Flexible hours, the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world, no commuting time or stress about office drama — who wouldn't want a remote job?

This huge remote job listings should help you find your dream remote job. This list of remote job boards includes full-time remote jobs, part-time jobs, freelance gigs and more.

You may wonder how many remote job boards are out there?

There are alot of remote job boards out there. Alot! There are also a few dedicated software job boards around the block. Some are more selective than others and some cater to specific jobs. In total, there are thousands worldwide and over 350 in the US alone.

Remote working is also becoming very popular in Australia, Germany and France. In all three countries there are more than 40 websites that offer remote jobs. But these numbers could change over time as the interest for this type of work increases.

And because of that high number, it's difficult to find out which websites for remote jobs is the best. It mor comes down to personal taste.

Why work remotely?

A study from Stanford University found that employees were happier and more productive when working remotely. In fact, the same amount of time spent in the office produced 13% greater productivity for remote workers compared to their on-site colleagues.

In addition, a recent Gallup poll revealed that 51% of people with a long commute said they would rather spend an extra hour at work than commute for that amount of time.

Remote jobs can also be less stressful and more family-friendly compared to in office ones, which often require long hours, commuting and lots of face-to-face interaction. Remote workers get to set their own schedule — they aren't tied down by an office culture or dress code.

Further, when you have a job market like the one we're in right now, it makes sense why remote positions are so attractive. With droves of layoffs and risk from COVID-19 making people sick for work or just staying home altogether; there's no surprise that companies would want someone close by at all times as opposed to having them be 700 miles away!

Where to Find Remote Jobs?

There are tons of websites for remote jobs to choose from. Some focus on one area, like graphic design or writing while others offer a wide range of different positions.

To help you get started with your search for the best website with remote job options, we've compiled this list that includes full-time work opportunities as well as part- time and freelance jobs.

To better understand what you need and expect from remote job websites, it's important to know who you are and why you're looking for a new position in the first place. Do your research on yourself before jumping into this journey!

You're looking for a remote job, but have no luck on traditional sites?

Our Top 4 awesome remote job boards!

1.) Sqotty: Ha! That's our site?. You're looking for cool remote developer jobs? Sqotty remote job board has over 50 different categories of work and is dedictated to Software Engineers! Sqotty screens their listings before posting on the website so you don't have any less than reputable opportunities in your inbox every day. Sqotty is an online database that hosts tons of open jobs across various industries such as programming or AWS; however its best feature by far might be how customizable each position can be - ranging anywhere between entry level up through executive roles where applicable. This makes your job search really easy.

2.) Remote.co: You can find remote and flexible jobs on Remote.co - it’s the best place to get your career in virtual touch! You will be able to search through our hand-curated listings or browse by category like customer service opportunities, developer roles & other work (including writers & marketers) all conveniently laid out before you within one simple page full of exciting possibilities that may just lead into a new direction for yourself as well as others across various industries worldwide needing help right now

3.) JustRemote: Makes it easier than ever to find your perfect role. They have listings for development, marketing and design positions as well as HR jobs from around the world! Whether you're looking in one country or multiple countries- Just Remote has what you need on their site right now so check them out today.

4.) Pangian: A platform that unites companies and employees from around the world, Pangian is on a mission to unite all five continents by connecting remote-minded workers with their ideal jobs. Their virtual job board provides an extensive list of open positions including web development or UX design for content creators in digital marketing; you can also start your account to join this online community where employers have access not only into what skillset someone possesses but also how they’ve gotten there so far!

Besides our Top 4, here's a list with remote job boards worth checking out

A quick note before we get started: Each company on our list has its own unique approach when it comes down hiring remote workers - so make sure not just focus solely on the skills listed above because every employer wants something different from potential employees.

  • Jobspresso
  • Hubstaff Talent
  • Authentic Jobs
  • Simply Hired
  • CareerJet
  • FlexJobs
  • Remotive
  • Remote.com
  • Vortes
  • The Muse
  • CareerBliss
  • Gigster Jobs
  • Authentic Jobs
  • Remote.co
  • Remotive
  • WFH.IO
  • Hubstaff Talent
  • Authentic Jobs
  • Avjobs.com
  • GoRemotely
  • Gigster Jobs
  • Hirease.com

What jobs can be done remotely?

There are so many remote jobs out there to choose from, you just have to know where to look first. If you're looking for jobs that can be done remotely, check out these resources below:

  • Customer service representative
  • Web developers
  • Software development
  • Product manager
  • Software engineer
  • Mobile app developer & designer
  • Data scientist & analyst
  • UX/UI designer
  • Virtual assistants
  • Web developer - SEO specialist & content writer
  • Virtual assistant - Social media manager
  • Content creator (writer) for social media posts, blogs or articles etc.
  • Video editor- Proofreader & copywriter
  • Remote freelancers
  • Accountant
  • Business analyst
  • Graphic designer & illustrator
  • Human resources
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales representative & account executive
  • Customer service specialist or agent
  • Writer, editor, proofreader
  • Sales associate/representative/rep
  • Researcher for a wide variety of topics including social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Developer (Engineer)
  • Bookkeeper/accountant & CPA
  • Medical transcriptionist - Data entry specialist

What are high paying remote jobs?

Here are some high paying remote jobs you can focus on if your goal is earning more money:

  • Ruby On Rails Developer - Full Stack Web Developer / Software Engineer $75,000-$140,000
  • Information Technology Specialist- Technical Support & Help Desk Salary range $75,000-$94,000 annually depending upon the location and experience of the individual.
  • SEO Manager - E-Commerce Manager Salary range $51,000-$96,800 annually depending upon the location and experience of the individual.
  • Software Engineer & Developer Salary range $75,000-$95,138 annually depending on where you are located in the United States.
  • SAP ABAP Programmer salary is just under six figures at $102,000 per year.
  • UI/UX Web Designer Salary range $60,500-$86,400 depending upon the location and experience of the individual.

Here are some remote companies hiring remote employees:

Google - One of the most known tech company that hires people remotely, especially for their Android division. They also have a Career Builder account where they post all open positions available. An annual salary is around $100,000 with benefits and paid vacation time too.

IBM - This company hires remote workers for their Cloud division. Their salary starts at $66,000 with benefits and paid vacation time up to 25 days a year.

Apple - This company has been known to hire remote employees especially in the United States where they have an office location in Austin Texas which is the center of all open positions available on their Career Builder account. An annual salary starts at $27,000 and goes up to around $100,000 with benefits too.

Yahoo - This company hires remote workers for their Yahoo Esports division. Their starting salaries range from a low of $38,800 going all the way up to a high of over six figures for this position which is a remote one.

HP - This company hires remote workers for their Cloud division, HP Enterprise Services which has open positions available in various locations around the world. The salary is around $75,000 per year with benefits and paid vacation time too.

Is remote work healthy?

The health benefits of remote work are endless due to the lack of stress from commuting and being able to get exercise in while working. Employees can be their best self when they have a healthy lifestyle because less stress leads to a happier life overall. Remote jobs allow you the time and opportunity seek out that wellness no matter where your location is!

What are the benefits of working remotely?

Working from home allows employees to have a healthier life by getting more exercise in. It also provides less stress because there isn't as much traffic or waiting at train stations, etc. They are able to focus on themselves and their work instead of other distractions that come with commuting. Working remotely offers workers immense flexibility which leads to higher morale and productivity.

What are the negatives of working remotely?

It's important to remember that not every job is suitable for remote work. Some jobs require direct supervision or frequent collaboration with other employees and employers may be hesitant about hiring a person who works from home because they don't want someone who will slack off all day long instead of working, which won't happen if you're an efficient worker!

Working from home can be lonely and it's easy to avoid your chores when you're not in the office. People need boundaries and motivation, especially remote workers who aren't surrounded by their co-workers all day long! It is important for people working remotely to know that they should treat this as a serious job since there isn't anyone watching over their shoulders or checking in with them throughout the day.

How do you get started working remotely?

It's important to be ready for remote work before you start looking for a job. You can't just send out your resume and hope that one of the companies will accept remote employees; otherwise, it might take months before they call you back. So make sure you are prepared with all the necessary skills in order to apply successfully!

In order to succeed in remote jobs, you need the following:

  • be flexible and adaptable
  • have excellent communication skills
  • being able to prioritize tasks well is a huge plus
  • ability to stay motivated even when your co-workers aren't around
  • be a team player
  • In addition to the above, make sure you have all the necessary technology and equipment in order to work from home. You will need a fast computer with high-speed internet connection, reliable software, ergonomic office chair and desk for better comfort...

You also need some of the following equipment:

  • high-quality monitor and a comfortable ergonomic office chair for your workstation
  • wireless keyboard and mouse to avoid cable clutter on your desk.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Apple Magic Trackpad which is excellent if you own a Mac computer.
  • Don't forget your sound system because good music makes working even more enjoyable.
  • Desk plants are also a good idea because they will reduce stress levels and increase concentration.

Finally, the question of whether or not to work remotely should be a decision based on what will make you happy. If it doesn't work out then that's okay too!

I hope this article and the list of remote job boards has given some insights into why people might want or need an alternative way of working — and how employers can find the best remote job, can keep their employees interested while they decide if remote employment is right for them.

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